The SWAG team is made up of individuals who have a solid foundation in social services. Our expertise is in program design and implementation of direct services to those at-risk of being homeless and the chronically homeless. SWAG team members have extensive experience dealing with homelessness at the city, county and federal level. Team members have direct street outreach experience, program supportive housing case management and management of homeless housing programs such as Tenant Based Rental Assistance, Emergency Solutions Grants, Rapid Rehousing for families and Permanent Supportive Housing for individuals and families experience.

Additionally, all staff has participated in mental health first responder and substance abuse training. Our innovative and systematic approach towards addressing homelessness is not geared towards the services themselves, but rather the ultimate outcome of measurable success. For example, when we are addressing homelessness, an emergency shelter stay is a very temporary result, and we are looking for a series of results that will equal a permanent housing solution. To further expand our full-range of supportive services to address the whole person, we are developing a mobile medical, dental, substance abuse, mental health and spiritual counseling center. This will allow for a comprehensive team of professionals to address all aspects of homelessness.