Our Mission:

advocate, educate & inspire

Social Work Action Group’s (SWAG) mission is to advocate, educate and inspire marginalized individuals and families in the Inland Empire to achieve sustainable independence through community support.


Our Core Principles:

1. Serving Humanity

2. Innovation

3. Accountability

4. Responsibility

5. Community Involvement

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Our Impact

There is an immense need for creative strategies, such as with us at SWAG,  because the systems currently available have room for improvement.

Current statistics on unsheltered chronically homeless individuals inaccurately captures the prevalence of mental health and substance abuse--this is why we are working on a true and accurate census with institutions of higher learning to better capture the data. Stay tuned.


Over the Past 11 months we have succeeded with:


Our Services Provided

We want to reach people where it matters. 

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Homeless Street Outreach

Our team searches out and finds those most vulnerable in our communities that are living on the streets; in lake and river-bottoms, trash enclosures, vehicles etc. We work to rebuild the individual’s self-worth and desire to obtain a basic right we all deserve- a safe place to live.

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Housing Navigation

Helping our homeless neighbors identify and secure safe and affordable housing within their communities.


case management & Supportive Services

Addressing the whole person; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.  Providing services tailored to meet the individual’s unique needs to ultimately achieve self-sufficiency and a greater sense of happiness.                     

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Community Outreach

Educating the community on homelessness and how they can be a part of the solution.



...It is apparent that there are those who require assistance in satisfying even these basic needs for themselves.  Homelessness is the most alien situation and feeling, and no one should be left behind to suffer it alone. It falls on us to be good stewards and lend a hand to those in need because we are in it together, are our "brothers' keepers," and because what we have is what we have received freely and not our own.

-Dr. Moses / Partner



Get Involved

We can use  your help. 

Whether you work in education, are a business owner, part of a faith-based group, or a concerned citizen, we would love to connect.. There's certainly enough need and we can connect you in the right place to make the most impact.


begin a partnership

Connect with us to learn about our programs that help others in our community. Get acquainted with what we do  and what you can do to help.

Volunteer opportunities

The opportunities are there and the people are ready. Let's get you connected to make the most impact for your time and efforts.

Make a Donation

Resources go a long way in the right hands, we make sure to get things where they belong to make a lasting effect on our shared community.


pan-handling is not the solution

The majority of individuals living on the streets are suffering from a debilitating untreated mental illness and/or substance abuse. When we give money to those pan-handling, we are providing a means for that individual to continue in their self-destructive behaviors and just comfortable enough to remain in their situation. Eliminating panhandling would help organizations like ours, through consistent outreach efforts and building of personal relationship to be there in those moments of vulnerability, and quickly connect them to the help they need. If you would like to help those living on the streets to permanently exit life on the streets consider giving to organizations that provide direct outreach services such as us.  


Join our efforts in restoring humanity right here in our home communities.